Allergy Services for Waikato Patients

1) Publically funded services: All Waikato patients within the Waikato DHB can access publically funded allergy services via their GP:

Children under 17yrs should be referred to the Waikato Paediatric OPD at Waikato Hospital for their allergy concerns.

All adult patients 17yrs and over should be referred directly to Auckland Hospital for their allergy concerns.This adult allergy service is outsourced to Auckland Hospital by Waikato DHB. See Allergy Contacts for the relevant address.

2) Private services in Hamilton: Waikato Allergy Clinic is a privately operated allergy clinic in Hamilton run by Dr Graham Currie, Dr Micheal Becker and the experienced allergy nursing team. Dr Currie is a GP who has a special interest in allergies and has worked under the Allergy and Immunology team at Auckand Hospital and brings this experience to the Waikato. Dr Becker is a GP who has worked in the allergy arena for years at Medlab and in Australia, he has a special interest in food related allergies. See About Us.

3) Other private services: allergy/immunology specialists in Auckland, see Allergy Contacts.